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Why Debate?

?We are a blessed people, but not invincibly elect.
We must make our future as we did our past.?
-Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Debate is often associated with political elections. Formal debate is, in fact, a rigorous, structured, academic activity, and it has a unique role to play in education: While other curricula provide students with knowledge, debate empowers them to think. Using sophisticated research techniques and logical analysis, debaters examine the legal, social, economic, political, and ethical implications of public policy issues: ?What evidence defines the seriousness of the problem? Is the evidence reliable? What else do we need to consider? How might the problem be solved? Is there a better solution? Will the plan effectively resolve the problem, or will it result in greater harm?? The analytical skills developed in this rigorous framework prepare students to be effective, engaged learners as well as future educators, lawyers, writers, reporters, business people, and community leaders. In effect, by training students to articulate issues and offer solutions to complex problems, we are preparing them to provide the leadership necessary to ?make our future.?

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